This Anxious Soldier Is Waiting To Meet His Military Dog Once Again. But Watch When He Turns Around

We owe so much to our military service men and women. They are willing to leave their friends and family to go and protect our country and to defend our rights and freedoms.

There will never be any way for us to thank them for all that they do for us, but one woman has found that there is one way for her to personally say thank you to some of our military men and women.

One way that our soldiers are able to stay safe while deployed is with service dogs. These dogs are specially trained to detect bombs and help to keep them safe. However, once these dogs are done serving their country, there seems to be an issue with getting them adopted. It is an extremely costly adoption process and not many people are able to afford it. Leaving these dogs without homes for their retirement.

Molli Oliver is a U.S. flight attendant who saw a problem and potential and found a solution to both. She has been personally paying, out of her own pocket, to fly these canine war heroes back to the states and reuniting them with their former handlers.

One of these pooches was Taylor the Labrador. Taylor was an extremely good bomb detecting dog and was so good at her job that the Taliban actually put a bounty on her head. Once she was retired she was one of the lucky dogs that was flown back to the states with Molli and reunited with her previous handler Sgt. Hanson.

Watch this video and try to not smile when you meet Taylor, the lady who brought her back to the states, Molli, and Taylor’s new permanent owner, Sgt Hanson.

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