I Couldn’t Believe What This Parrot Was Saying To His New Best Friend… A Stuffed Toy Bunny! CUTE!

The owners of Marnie, a talking blue parrot, decided it was time to add to Marnie’s stuffed rabbit toy collection. Marnie loves his stuffed animals, but whenever he gets a new one, it’s a big deal. Watch what he does when he gets his new toy in this super cute video!

When Marnie started giving the rabbit a kiss I just had to laugh! And when he asked for a kiss back, well I was practically falling off my chair from laughter. Marnie’s voice is adorable, and I just love it when he asks the rabbit “What you doing?” Classic!

I had no idea that parrots got attached to toys, but I’m so glad I found out! Marnie is awesome! Spread the good times by sharing this video with your friends!

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