Cat Perplexed By Optical Illusion! I Was Laughing SO Hard At What He Did Next

Don’t bring this cat to any magic shows, though.

It’s not hard to amuse a cat. Keeping them amused for a while is the challenge. You can throw a ball back and forth with a dog for hours. You throw the ball the first time with a cat, he or she’s going to look at you like, “It’s gone, human. You go pick it up.” They will then walk off. They do love things involving paper, though. I always get a kick out of the one involving printers. This one, though, is just as cute.

We see a cat sitting next to a paper with one of those patterns that producer optical illusions. Judging by the look of it, it will probably give the appearance of many spinning circles when viewed. Yeah, if you have an inner ear problem, this is NOT the one to look at. I always preferred the Magic Eye, where something seemed to pop out. The cat is enthralled with the paper and the pattern.

Well, this kitty’s going nuts with the optical illusion paper. I’ve got no idea what he’s seeing in it, but it’s something he wants to grab. Is it the spinning circles? Does it give him a picture of a mouse? It’s not something that’s going to occupy him for long – seriously, what can keep a cat occupied for five minutes… even catnip’s not going to get them beyond it. I hope this wasn’t an expensive piece of paper, because the cat starts shredding it toward the end .

My cat also loves paper. Back when I would read the newspaper, he’d jump in my lap and sit down on top of it. Even to this day, if we leave any paper lying around, he will walk over to it and curl himself up on it. I guess he likes the feel and the sounds that it makes when he’s on top of it. Very rarely do we see him chewing or ripping it up. I wonder what he would do with this optical illusion sheet.

Wasn’t this cat so adorable to watch? He was having so much fun. He probably went off for a nap after that. What do you think? Let us know in the comments. Also, please “Like” us on Facebook.

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