A Cat Was Sitting By The Water’s Edge, But What It Did Next Had My Jaw On The Floor!

Even if you don’t own a cat, chances are you know how much cats hate being in the water. If you try to bring a cat into the shower or tub with you, prepare for some scratches because for whatever reason, cats really enjoy being warm and dry.

But no one could consider the star of this video, Milo, to be similar to most cats. Instead of shying away from the water like the rest of them, Milo truly lives up to the “curious cat” nickname. He just can’t stop wondering what is underneath all those beautiful blue waves!

But did you know that most cats absolutely love fresh fish? The fact that they hate water pretty much means that cats expect us to get the fish for them, but they will munch it down like there is no tomorrow.

This young, tough-looking cat is perched along some rocks, right above the frigid ocean. He doesn’t seem scared at all of the water, simply curious – always wandering. Right when I began to wonder exactly what this kitty was looking for, suddenly in a flash something amazing happens.

Don’t blink around the minute mark, otherwise you’ll miss the most impressive feat of all: a cat actually catching his own dinner, right out of the sea! Now if only I could get my lazy cat off the couch…

Can your cat do anything as impressive as this? Share with the rest of us cat-lovers in the comments! We’d love to hear from you!

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