These Cats Are Confused When This Parrot Copies Them. But What The Parrot Does In Response?

Birds are fascinating animals. They are so incredibly smart that some of the things that they do just throw us for a loop, simply because we really didn’t realize they were able to do whatever they just did or even figure it out.

That is exactly what is happening in this video. There is a beautiful white Cockatoo who is standing with three cats. The cats, while they don’t seem alarmed, they are definitely careful to watch this bird, which makes us think that he’s done something tricky to them before!

Well this bird gets his laughs in by messing with these cats in the cutest way. Birds are very well known to mimic and copy sounds that they hear. They are quite good at it. So good in fact that often time it’s hard to discern which noise is the real deal and which noise is the parrot copying it.

That is the case in this video. This Cockatoo stands in front of these slightly confused cats and starts making cat sounds. Meows start coming out and the cats are thrown, was this actually just a really strange looking cat that they were looking at?

This bird clearly enjoys messing with these cats and we can clearly see why. While he is having his innocent fun with them these cats are clearly flummoxed with what is going on and are quite sure how to proceed with this whacky bird, we don’t blame them, we wouldn’t know what to do either!

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