Too cute! This chihuahua puppy thinks she’s a baby goat! Watch her hop and skip!

What in the world was this puppy thinking??

Or… Maybe this puppy thinks those goats are just funny looking puppies! 😉 Either way, too darn cute!

Meet Lola, an 8 week old Chihuahua puppy with a lot of spirit and tons of energy. She was adopted by Sunflower Farm Rescue and at first she was very, very shy. Lola just couldn’t make friends with the other puppies.

Then one day, two adorable and kind goats named  Princess Leia and Lady Bug checked in on little Lola. The trio hit it off instantly and they all became the best of friends, romping around the farm and just having fun!

Lola’s owners say that their other dogs, an English mastiff and a pug, are not at all interested in Lola. Well we think that’s their loss! Lola is now best friends with Leia and Ladybug and she is having the time of her life now! Go Lola!

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