These Cows Were Grazing In Their Field. But When They Saw THIS Critter In The Mud My Heart Stopped! OH NO!

When it comes to animals nothing really surprises us anymore. Being as we’re such big animal lovers we look for all sorts of different stories about animals and so we’ve heard and a lot of crazy ones out there so we fell like nothing would really shock us anymore.

Well this story has all the elements of an amazing story. It involves the element of surprise, good people and the cutest element of all a baby seal.

One day a bird watching was out looking for birds when they spotted something unusual in a field of cows. After going to look and see what it was he found a five day old baby seal, stuck in a muddy puddle, surrounded by a bunch of curious cows.

The rescuer immediately called a rescue organization who came and took the little baby seal to a vet. Once the vet was able to get the little seal rehydrated and on a course of antibiotics, for a breathing issue, they were able to locate a sea animal rescue where the little seal was sent to recover more.

Once the baby seal got there she was given a clean bill of health but until she got between sixty and seventy pounds she would not be cleared to go back to her natural habitat. While no one knows just how the seal got into that field one thing is for sure, she has had a good luck thus far in her short little life.

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