His Friends Didn’t Believe Him When He Said His Parrot Did THIS, So He Captured It On Video… OMG!

Every good movie has an evil villain… and what do all GREAT evil villains have in common? An evil laugh of course! LOL. Just think about it! Without that evil laugh, they wouldn’t really be an evil villain, right?! Right!

This video clip below features a parrot that perfectly impersonates the world’s evilest laugh of all time! He calmly slips into the room and laughs like a wicked movie villain. Too funny! Reminds me of all those Disney antagonists. Jacques’ evil cousin!

Imagine being home alone with your little sisters pet parrot, you’re trying to sleep but the laughs echo throughout your home.

WATCH the video below and let us know what you thought. Just use the handy comment box and tell us what you think!

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