This Fast Leopard Charges His Zookeeper While His Back Is Turned. But His Tiger Friend Runs To His Rescue

Animals are incredible to observe. There are people who dedicate their entire lives to observing animals and their behaviors and we still don’t know all the things that make them tick. We are learning new things about them daily but we will never know everything about them.

Because we don’t know everything about them we have to figure out patterns of behavior to try and accurately predict what they are going to do and when they are going to do it.

There is one man who is very good at doing just that when it comes to the large cats that he works with on a daily basis. Eduardo Serio has loved large cats his entire life and has been fortunate enough to turn that love into a career.

He works at The Black Jaguar White Tiger Foundation and has become very close to the cats who call the Foundation home. In the clip though you will see just how close he is to these cats.

In the video Eduardo is with some of the lions, petting them and giving them attention, but right behind him you can see a tiger lounging in the grass, his name is Aztlan. Eduardo owes Aztlan his life.

While Eduardo is giving the lions some attention you can see a leopard in the background stalking around. Suddenly the cat begins sprinting towards Eduardo in what looks like an attack but Aztlan was there to stop him.

Suddenly, Aztlan pounced on the leopard who was about to leap on Eduardo and knocked him down, preventing him from hurting his friend. This just shows how close Eduardo is to his cats and how much they love him, still pretty scary though!

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