After Years Apart, This Gorilla Is Reunited With The Man Who Raised Him

Better get the tissues ready!

This is the story of the unshakable bond one man made with a baby gorilla by the name Kwibi who he raised as an infan. more or less becoming a father figure to the sweet gorilla.

But in 2005  Kwibi was set free in the wilds of South Africa as part of a conservation program to reintroduce gorillas into the jungles.

Years afterwards, Kwibi’s adoptive father always wondered about him. He wanted to find his beloved gorilla, but there were concerns.  Would Kwibi remember him and would he be welcomed in Kwibi’s world?

Watch this video and find out what happened next.

So watch the video and let us know what you thought of this story of a bond that couldn’t be broken. 


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