Meet Duster, The Little Cockatoo Who Is 89 Years Old. But His Story? Amazing

Animals are amazing to watch. They do so many things that we still do not know why but love to watch them and wonder at their behavior. That is what happens many times with this one particular animal in particular.

Meet Duster. Duster is a Cockatoo bird who is pushing 91 years old. You read that correctly, he is a 901year old bird! It’s easy to say that Duster has had a long life but when you stop to think that he was born back in 1925, and is still going strong.

Duster has had a very full life with multiple owners, that’s easy to understand considering just how long he’s been around. He spent many years of it performing in the exotic bird show in Tampa Bay, Florida.

While Duster is now retired and living a nice, quiet life with his new owner there are still some people from his past who still remember him fondly. Several of the women who used to perform with Duster back when he was the lead in the exotic bird show still remember him fondly and were more than a little excited when they got to reunite with him.

It’s easy to see why Duster is so popular, he is a very friendly bird! This little guy just loves to wave to people and he also enjoys giving kisses. Apparently Duster is quite popular with other lady birds that live in his house!

Watch the video below and meet the amazing little bird Duster, you won’t be disappointed when hearing the story of this little birds full life. Please feel free to share this story with your family and friends.

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