Mini Potbelly Pigs And Their Canine Buddy Penny

When the piglets have an encounter with a big furry friend, their reaction is PRICELESS!

All animals are adorable, but some are even more so. Meet Betty and her five lovable piglets. These mini potbelly pigs are the cutest I’ve ever seen! Watch how they react to their furry friend Penny, a Springer spaniel who seems as curious about them as they seem wary of her. These cute piglets were born with legs ready to run and eyes wide open. You know they’re ready for life, even though they’re so small.

She just wants to have a playmate, and she takes time to sniff them out to get to know them better, but the little ones shy away. Only 8 days old, they are practically hairless and tiny in size. But this video shows us their journey as they progress from just 8 days old to seven weeks and watch them tackle different things – like shiny tile floors, water and even grass.

I was laughing so much just watching their cute hoofs trying to walk on the shiny floors. But what really had me entertained was when they were taken outside to play in the grass. ‘What is this green thing? What do you do with it?’ they must have been thinking. Well, one of the piggies decided to munch on a few, letting her instincts take over.

Even being in a tub of water has them startled because that’s something they’ve not experienced. But their tiny feet pitter patter all over the place and they even leap from the tub to play on the grass.

Amazing fact that was revealed in this video is that pigs have sensitive skin like humans and either need to be covered in sunscreen or they have to roll around in the mud to get a protective layer to shield them from the sun’s glare. Who said you can’t learn something new just watching cute videos?

Lol, I just did! I know nobody who has a pig for a pet, but do you know anyone? Write in and tell us your stories in the section below.

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