This Mom Gave Her Cockatoo A Bowl Of Broccoli. But Wait Till You See What He Does With It, Hilarious.

Animals are hilarious to watch. There are times when we simply can’t stop watching them because they are making us laugh to hard. A animal that is often time guilty of this are birds. For whatever reason birds do things that really crack us up and we simply can’t get enough of it.

Birds are extremely intelligent animals, especially parrots. You’d be amazed at what these birds are capable of doing and thinking. We just love them for it though.

That is what you will see in this video. In this video you will meet a parrot named Eric. Eric is a beautiful, intelligent bird that lets you know exactly what he is thinking. Apparently Eric’s vet told his mom that he needs to start eating more veggies, like broccoli.

Just like people, birds can benefit from eating broccoli because it’s full of nutrients that they need to stay healthy. Well Eric disagrees with this.

In this video Eric’s mom is giving him a dish of broccoli and Eric simply isn’t having it. He lets his mom know, we’re sure this isn’t the first time, that he is not happy about the broccoli and that he simply won’t eat it.

We’ve seen and heard of other animals throwing temper tantrums but Eric is certainly up there for one of the most entertaining ones that’s for sure.

Watch this video and meet Eric, we’re sure you’re going to love him.

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