This monkey hasn’t seen his grandma for a week. His reaction when he sees her again? Adorable!

This little monkey loves her Grandma, but only gets to see her once a week.

Zoey the capuchin monkey absolutely loves her grandma and misses her grandma terribly when she is not around. Just like humans grow must play an important role in the development of monkeys. The bond that they share between grandma and granddaughter is precious.

In this video we see that so is grandma has been away for a whole week. And when grandma returns? Zoey’s is reaction is priceless. Capuchin monkeys are social animals just like humans which is why it’s quite common to use these little cute monkeys as service animals.

Watch this video and see that humans and other great apes are not so different. This video will touch your heart with the love that these two monkeys have for each other. Enjoy this video of two loving monkeys.

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