This Mother Cat Kidnaps Neglected Puppies & Takes Them To Her Home. But The Reason Behind It Stole My Heart

Motherhood is something that should be respected in all cultures and kingdoms. Uh, animal kingdoms that is.

For the most part animal mothers are very protective and caring over their babies. However, every once in a while you will see a mother who, after giving birth, is disinterested in her babies and will be neglectful to them or even desert them all together. Luckily, there have been stories of other mother animals and even male animals stepping in and taking care of the helpless babies but that is not always the case.

Luckily in this case it was! Mrs. Kitty is a cat who lost her own litter of kittens and was feeling more than a little depressed over it. However, even though Mrs. Kitty’s own babies didn’t make it she saw that a litter of puppies that were born the same day were being neglected by their mother.

Mrs. Kitty didn’t hesitate to step in and take over the mothering roles for these little pups. One by one she carried each individual puppy back to where she prepared to have her kittens and she mothered them.

This loving cat took in all these puppies and kept them safe, warm and well fed. She can even be seen giving them baths when they need it. As for the puppies biological mom, she didn’t seem to mind that her puppies were gone.

We’re so glad that this story has a happy ending for these puppies and for Mrs. Kitty.

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