This Mother Giraffe Gave Birth To A Little Baby. Now Watch How He’s Taking Charge At The San Diego Zoo

Everyone loves going to the zoo. It’s something the whole family can go do and enjoy themselves. There is something there for everyone to watch and enjoy and it’s also a great place to learn fun facts about animals that you never knew before.

The zoo is definitely a great place to go when you want to be outside and want to see some animals that you would otherwise never be able to see in person. Zoos are also a great way to teach our children about animals and the different places that they come from.

In the featured video below you will get to meet the newest member of the San Diego Zoo. This past May the San Diego Zoo welcomed a little baby giraffe.

The little giraffe was born at 6 feet tall and almost 150lbs but compared to his mom he is a tiny little thing! This little guy can now be seen out in the exhibit for the public to watch him and boy is he adorable!

This little guy is more than happy to just be outside and running around and exploring the new world around him. He still gets a little shy though and is quick to run to mom whenever he is unsure or scared and we just think that that is the cutest.

Watch the featured video below and be ready to fall in love with this little guy, we know we did!

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