People Call This Misunderstood Horse “Dangerous”. But Watch When She Approaches

Horses are fascinating creatures. They are so incredibly strong and elegant and they are also extremely intelligent. It takes a very special person to be able to successfully train and teach a horse how to do tricks and how to ride correctly.

That is how we met Alycia Burton. Alycia is an avid horse lover and seems to have a very special relationship with her. Some people in the world have a gift of being able to communicate with animals and to understand them on a different level and Alycia seems to have this gift when it comes to horses.

Alycia is a bit of an internet sensation. Some of her videos were discovered and have become extremely popular online. She has videos of her on her horses, mostly of her riding and jumping them, and they are more than just a little bit impressive.

This is clearly a young woman who loves horses and knows how to handle them well. While Alycia has always had a strong relationship with horses this is not a young woman who is unfamiliar to struggling. She was unable to finish high school and was living out of a garage for a while. She managed to do small jobs, mostly involving horses.

While this young woman struggled to survive there is one thing that never lacked and that was her love of horses and how much she cared for her own horse Banjo. Banjo is the horse that is seen in the video below and the love and trust between the two of them is more than just a little noticeable. These two clearly love each other a lot and because of that they are able to successfully ride and jump all these obstacle courses without fail.

Watch this amazing video of Alycia and Banjo and be prepared to be amazed, we know we were!

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