This Pregnant Giraffe Goes Into Labor. What The Camera Caught Next, This Is Incredible. I Can’t Believe My Eyes!

When it comes to animals I think it’s easy to say that we simply cannot get enough of them and that we are borderline obsessed. We love learning everything we can about them and just want to learn more and more.

When it comes to animal videos, we are not any better, in fact we are probably worse. We love animal videos and watch them all the time. They make us feel good while watching them and put us in better moods for the rest of the day, that’s how much we love them. Needless to say we aren’t guilty about this animal addiction that we have.

Well in this video be ready to see something absolutely amazing. At the Taronga Western Plains Zoo in Sydney, Australia they were lucky enough to catch on camera the birth of one of the favorite giraffes there. The giraffe gave birth to a little baby calf whom was promptly named Amahle.

This video is just amazing to watch. You never realize what it is like for an animal like a giraffe to be born until you see it. That seems like quite a fall for a little newborn calf to take, but Amahle doesn’t seem any worse for wear because of it. We are happy to announce that both the mother and baby are not only doing well but are thriving.

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