Pregnant Pit Bull Goes Into Labor For First Time. She Delivered HOW Many Puppies?

Her daddy might want to consider getting her fixed after this…

OK, I’m going to be nice and give you all a heads-up before you click “Play” on this video. It shows the entire birthing process for a pit bull. It’s not just one puppy either, there’s quite a few. If you’re squeamish about that, you might just want to read my description here. Cool? OK, we’ll get back to our regularly scheduled programming about a pit bull named Diva, who got impregnated by her shepherd mix boyfriend, whose name is Joey. Yes, it sounds like a dog soap opera.

Diva is close to labor, and she’s a first-time mommy, which means she has NO idea what the whole birth process is like. How clueless is she? When she’s got her first pup nearly out, she’s so startled that she sits down… which would NOT be good for the pup if she were by herself. Fortunately, her daddy is there and he moves her so that the pup can come out safely in its pouch – the daddy rips the pouch to show the pup… who then wriggles toward Diva and her teats.

This is a long labor. She gives birth to 13 pups in all. Even human mothers of octuplets must watch this video and just shake their heads in amazement. I can’t even imagine a reality show about it. The title would be “13 Babies… WHAT KIND OF FERTILITY DRUGS DID YOU TAKE?!?!” Towards the end, Diva gets so pooped that her daddy has to PULL the puppies out of her. Then again, pushing 13 pups out is a feat that would tire out ANY dog.

Joey didn’t show up until after the deliveries were finished. Perhaps he was sitting in a doggie waiting room, nervously pacing until Diva’s daddy came out and gave the thumbs up. Joey may have then given out doggie treats to other dogs in celebration, like fathers would hand out cigars in the older days. Hopefully Joey, Diva and her 13 puppies all have a nice life together. That’s going to be a lot of dog food, though….

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