This Protective Dog Notices She Is Being Filmed. Now Wait Till You See What Her Next Move Is! Hilarious!

We have all seen plenty of videos out there featuring animals who are doing some pretty whacky things. We love to watch these videos though and we can honestly admit that they are our guilty pleasure. What can we say? These videos make us happy and bring a smile to our face each and every time.

Well this video in particular is sure to make you smile. We all know that our dogs get very attached to us. They believe it is their special job to protect us and they are willing to go to any length to do so, however they also know that we enjoy messing with them, especially when it comes to their protectiveness.

That is exactly what we see in this video. You will see this beautiful dog with his owner and she is getting a bit frustrated with her owner. The light on the computer camera seems to be a bit threatening for this pooch and she wants her owner to do something about it, and she actually does.

Her owner tapes her trying to figure out what the camera light is and what it is doing. It is so cute to watch this dog look at the camera and then accusingly look at her owner, clearly trying to figure out what in the world is going on. We promise you, that you will love this video as much as we did, it is just too hilariously cute!

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