This Sassy Cockatoo Goes Absolutely Crazy When Dad Asks Her To Go Inside The Cage

Birds are fascinating creatures. Most of the time we take birds for granted simply because we see them all the time when we go outside. When you see something as average as a bird flying around outside, sometimes it’s hard to get excited by one when you see it perching inside of a cage.

Well you better start getting excited, because once you meet this little Cockatoo you are going to be amazed. The attitude and sassiness shown by this beautiful Cockatoo is more than a little surprising and a lot of funny.

We had no idea that Cockatoos could be so aggressive. The little Cockatoo in the video is named Pebbles and from what we gather, she is normally a very sweet and loving little girl. However, after seeing this video I wouldn’t want to get on Pebbles’s bad side, that’s for sure.

It appears that Pebbles owner wants her to get in her cage and she does not seem to agree with that notion. You can see her clinging to the top of her cage go off onto a rant and a rave about how she doesn’t want to go into the cage, only she uses much stronger and more colorful language.

From the reaction of her owner we’re assuming that this isn’t the first time Pebbles has acted out but that doesn’t change the fact that it is hilarious that this little bird is so upset about going into her cage and so incredibly vocal about it!

We didn’t even know that birds could communicate so well with people, but Pebbles definitely has a way of getting her point across.

Watch the featured video below and let us know what you think of Pebbles and her sassy attitude!

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