Seven-Week-Old Corgi Pup Takes Nap On His Back. This May Be The Cutest Thing You See Today.

This is a video that could have easily stretched for 10 minutes or more without becoming boring.

There’s just a special quality about sleeping animals, especially young ones. They are so cute when they are running around, expending their energy. Though, when they hunker down and just begin snoozing, the added vulnerability just makes them even cuter. I could watch hours of videos of sleeping animals… though it depends on how tired I am, too. Too much could make me fall asleep. This video, though, I could never sleep through.

We see a snoozing seven-week-old Corgi puppy. He’s on his back and his front paws are up in the air, by his head. It’s the cutest thing that I’ve seen… today. I watch a lot of these videos and after a while, it can feel commonplace. The video of this pup, though, that’s anything but common. Even the person filming this can’t resist rubbing his belly toward the end of the video. I can’t blame them, I would do the same thing .

This is one soundly-sleeping dog. He is OUT for the count. It seems like even having a marching band walk past his bed is not going to wake up this pup. Sleep is important for him, it helps his body get back its energy to be able to run around for the next several hours barking a lot. All dogs are adorable while they are resting, but this one… with those paws up by his head… that one just takes the cake.

I know that there are always some people who want to be contrary to what others think, but I can’t believe anyone would want to click on the “Dislike” button. Seriously… look at that cute snoozing face? Who could think ill of that? Perhaps they are allergic to dogs. If that’s the case, why would they decide to watch this video in the first place? Sigh. I’ll never understand human logic… ever.

It seems like we have a new candidate for the cutest video on YouTube. I know this is subjective, but don’t you agree? Let us know in the comments… and if you have something cuter, tell us. We love seeing cute videos! Also, please “Like” us on Facebook.

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