This Sweet, Gentle Wolf Can’t Hide His Enthusiasm When He Meets A Small German Shepherd Puppy

We love dogs. Dogs are just one of those animals that make you feel good no matter how bad your day has been. They are unfailingly loyal and they love us regardless of our mood or behavior. We love them and they love us, but dogs are not just loyal to us but to each other as well.

Have you ever seen a dog with another dog? Usually they are all over each other playing and are happy as can be. Well have you ever seen a wolf and puppy play? Neither have we, until now.

Charlie is a 10 week old German Shepard puppy and Smokey is a 7 year old wolf. The two are unlikely friends but are playing happily together, with no one worried about the wolf hurting the puppy.

Charlie and Smokey are perfectly happy playing with each other and chasing each other around the yard. While their owners are watching on, just to make sure nothing happens, the two are happy to be playing with each other. In the video you can even see that Smokey is being careful around Charlie, not to be too rough with him, something that only makes him more endearing to us.

These two playing together makes us so happy to see, you have to wonder about a wolf and a puppy playing together, size and maturity taken into consideration, you just never know what will happen when you put them together.

I think Charlie and Smokey do a great job to show us that it is possible for all different animals are capable of being friends regardless of size, shape, breed or even species. These two managed a friendship which means many others are possible as well.

Watch the video below and let us know what you think of the friendship between Charlie and Smokey and please share this video with all your friends and family.

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