I Thought He Was A Normal Gorilla… Until He Stood Up & Did THIS! I Can’t Believe My Own Eyes!

Animals are fascinating creatures. There are people who dedicate their entire lives to studying animals and their behaviors and patterns and there are still things about animals that we have no way of explaining. Us not knowing everything there is to know about animals is probably a big reason why we are so interested in them and observe them all the time.

One animal that is extremely interesting to us are gorillas. Gorillas are incredibly similar to humans, we actually share 95% of the same DNA, this is a big reason as to why we are so interested in them. For an animal that is so close to us in structure, they are also so different, we are just fascinated by these large cousins of ours.

A gorilla in particular that we are constantly watching and observing is one located in Port Lympne Animal Park in Kent, England. His name is Ambam and he is brilliant.

Ambam is just as interested in us as we are with him. He spends hours in his exhibit watching the people who are watching him. What is so fascinating about Ambam is that he doesn’t always lumbar around on all fours like most gorillas but instead he likes to stand upright and walk just like people do!

The zoo keepers believe that he is copying the behaviors he’s seen from the people around the exhibit but it is no surprise that it is catching the attention of the public and causing lots of people to rush to the gorilla exhibit daily.

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