This is the tinniest dog in the world. You’ll melt to see her do this in front of the camera! OMG!

Watch Milly’s amazing story! From runt of the litter to biggest name around!

Three years after constant caring of this tiny Chihuahua, owners San Juan and Puerto Rico discovered an astonishing truth. Milly, their favorite dog was finally crowned “World’s Smallest Dog” by the Guinness World Records and the owners couldn’t be happier. Even though Milly had to go through a lot in her puppyhood; she was tiny and needed to be fed every 2 hours for 6 months, she is now enjoying the stardom in her local area.

As we all know, Chihuahuas are among the tiniest dog breeds of the world. An average Chihuahua weighs between four and six pounds, and stands six to 10 inches tall. However, 4 year old Milly weighs only one pound. Her canine sibling also outweighs her by at least few pounds. But Milly really doesn’t care about having big size or conscious about her weigh.

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