This Woman Takes A Lost Dog To A Kill Shelter. But Then A Hidden Camera Records The UNTHINKABLE! WOW!

For most of us, our pets are like family. We love them dearly and we literally consider them family and expect everyone else to too. However, there are many people who don’t realize how much we love our pets and unfortunately the decide to get a pet too.

Many people go out and get a pet not realizing how much of a responsibility they are and unfortunately it is the animal that suffers because of it. These are the pets that end up at shelters, rescues and even out on the streets. This is all because many people don’t understand what it means to take on a pet and to bring them into their homes.

Well many people have decided that enough is enough. They decided to make a public service announcement that aired in France and have quickly gotten people to start talking. In this video you will see a woman who is bringing a dog into a kill shelter and the shelter’s way of getting her attention.

You will not believe the lengths that this shelter was willing to go to just to make their point. It’s understandable when this woman, who was dropping off a stray dog she found, decides to leave, with the dog she was going to drop off, I’m sure these people gave her something to think about.

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