18-year-old Amazon parrot delights with ‘Somebody That I Used To Know’ cover song

Once in a blue moon, an extraordinary talent emerges, capturing hearts and sparking imitations. Today, we’re spotlighting the unparalleled Tico & The Man, a heartwarming duo of the charismatic parrot, Tico, and his guitar-strumming human, Frank Maglio. This unique partnership guarantees a smile on your face, breaking the mold and redefining our idea of talent.

Tico isn’t your average parrot. This 18-year-old, Double Yellow-headed Amazon bird is a singing sensation, proving that talent comes in all shapes and sizes. He mesmerizes everyone with his freestyle vocals. Tico brings a refreshing perspective to classic tunes when paired with his human counterpart, Frank.

These breathtaking performances come to life thanks to Frank’s deft guitar strumming, laying the groundwork for Tico’s dynamic renditions. The spotlight is shared equally between the two, with each enhancing the other’s artistry. The video of them together, captured by Frank’s wife, Gina, offers an intimate glimpse into their unique musical world.

One of their most heartwarming performances is the cover of Gotye’s Somebody That I Used To Know. The camera reveals Tico perched on a table, attentive and ready, as Frank settles into his chair with guitar in hand. The magic begins as the chords reverberate through the room, Tico matching Frank’s rhythm with his captivating vocalizations.

Moments of silence between the singing reveal Tico’s appreciation for music, reinforcing his status as a unique, music-loving bird. His human, Frank, offers a consistent performance that supports Tico’s spotlight. His ability to extract extraordinary sounds from his guitar lays the perfect foundation for Tico’s enchanting vocals.

Tico & Frank’s stunning performance paints a picture of love, understanding, and harmony. This extraordinary duo is a beautiful reminder that talent can be found in the most unexpected places, making our world slightly brighter and more fascinating.

Every performance by Tico & The Man delivers a remarkable blend of music. They epitomize the extraordinary bond between humans and animals, gifting us with performances that surprise and inspire us.

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18-year-old Amazon parrot delights with \'Somebody That I Used To Know\' cover song