A day in the unpredictable life of a goat farmer

If you have ever worked at a farm before, you know that working with farm animals means there are some hijinx in store. That was certainly the case at Zion Creek Farm in Ohio.

Zion Creek Farm was home to a herd of goats and a pair of dedicated humans who loved the animals. But that day, they were about to add another member to their barn.

Her name was Licorice, and she was a tiny goat with a calm temperament and sleek black coat. Her new fur parent gently led her toward the barn where she would meet the rest of the herd.

Despite this being her first time on the farm, Licorice seemed to know right where to go, following her nose to where the rest of her soon-to-be herd was waiting to meet her.

After a quick stop to snack on some grass, Licorice walked into the barn and introduced herself to the other goats. “You’ve already got a fan club,” said her human parent.

That was not all that Zion Creek Farm had planned for the day. In addition to introducing the newest member of the goat herd, it was time to put their goat, Kevin, in with the rest of the bucks.

But as they pointed out when Licorice first arrived on the farm, “Make plans with goats, you might as well toss those plans right out the window.” Despite all their antics, this just made us love goats even more.

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A day in the unpredictable life of a goat farmer