Abandoned Duke Adopted By Family, In Return Saves Baby Girl And Repays Debt.

Rescued Dogs have a tough life and always look for a forever home to call their own. When the Brousseau family decided they wanted a pet to join their family, they visited the shelter to make their pick. They found Duke, fell in love with him and adopted him. They never thought the dog would repay them for adopting him but he did, in the most amazing way possible, leaving them forever in his debt.

Late one night Duke jumped on the Brousseaus’ bed while they were sleeping and started shaking violently. They got annoyed, as any sane person would when woken up in the middle of the night, but they knew this was very unlike him and that something had to be wrong. Trusting their instincts in the dog, both parents got up to check on their baby daughter’s room. To their shock, they found out that their nine week old daughter wasn’t breathing well!

Immediately calling emergency services, the ambulance arrived in time to revive Harper. Thanks to the swift action of the dog in alerting the parents to the danger the child was in, the baby girl was saved. Baby Harper reached the hospital and with the due care and attention she received in time made it possible for her to make a full recovery to good health.

Duke repaid the family in full and more when he saved their little girl’s life. The mom said that Duke was a perfect dog who was always meant to be theirs. And I totally agree with her! Dogs are always aware of what is going on even when we are deep in sleep. So in tune with family members, they are the perfect guardian angels for any home.

Did you watch the video? What did you think of the dog’s actions? I was so amazed at the dog and his way of alerting the parents. Please send in your thoughts and messages in the comments section below. We love hearing from you!

Abandoned Duke Adopted By Family, In Return Saves Baby Girl And Repays Debt.