Amazing rescue and transformation of stray Puli dog

Today, we bring you a touching story that is guaranteed to leave you feeling warm and fuzzy inside. It’s a story about a dog groomer from Novi Sad, Serbia, who went above and beyond to help a stray dog in desperate need of grooming.

Dog groomer Damjan Lukić and his partner Sanja, from Novi Sad, Serbia, often rescue and groom stray dogs. But when they found Rocky, they were shocked. Rocky was living near a gas station and was in the worst condition Damjan had ever seen. Damjan was devastated by Rocky’s condition, and he needed the help of a vet to sedate him before he could start to work.

It took several hours for Damjan to shave off Rocky’s fur, which was as hard as wood. But once he freed Rocky from his matted fur, a friendly and sweet dog emerged. Rocky found a great home in the United Kingdom where he’ll never be neglected again!

If you want to see the full-length video of Damjan’s rescue and grooming of Rocky, watch the video below. Witness the amazing transformation of this sweet pooch from neglected and unrecognizable to a happy and healthy dog.

The video will give you a glimpse of the immense love and dedication it takes to rescue and care for stray animals. The bond between Damjan and Rocky is undeniable, and it’s heartwarming to see Rocky finally get the care and attention he deserved.

We hope that this video will inspire more people to rescue and help stray animals in their communities. Every animal deserves love and care, and it’s up to us to make a difference.

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Amazing rescue and transformation of stray Puli dog