Amazon Delivery Driver’s Hilarious Tango With a Rogue Chicken

Kindness is a language that the deaf can hear and the blind can see. One of the most remarkable qualities of human beings is the capacity to extend kindness to not just fellow humans, but also to animals. In a world where news is often filled with negativity, stories of kindness, especially towards animals, bring a breath of fresh air and restore faith in humanity.

This delightful story involves a rather unusual encounter between an Amazon delivery driver and a pet chicken. The driver was trying to drop a package in the garage when he was faced with an unexpected challenge: a pet chicken that was determined to get out, come what may. Despite the obstacles, the determined chicken, named Fancy, simply wouldn’t be stopped. This incident occurred in Minooka, IL, during the driver’s regular delivery routine.

Upon opening the garage door, the driver found Fancy waiting inside. He politely asked the chicken to go back inside the garage, clearly amused by the situation. However, Fancy had other plans. Despite the driver’s efforts to keep her inside, Fancy persistently followed him out. The driver, trying to keep the situation light, exclaimed, “Oh my God, I’m at war with a chicken right now,” and laughed at the predicament he found himself in.

Despite the driver’s best efforts to keep Fancy inside by putting her back in the cage and attempting to close the garage door, the persistent chicken hurriedly escaped and headed for the exit. The owners later mentioned that Fancy was fond of having people walk around the garage and was not afraid of human interaction, which probably explained her behavior.

Eventually, the driver managed to keep Fancy inside by almost closing the garage door and then sending her back inside. His patience and positive demeanor helped him successfully navigate this adorable challenge. The video of the incident garnered more than 200 thousand views on Youtube and was flooded with comments. It turns out that Amazon Prime members with compatible Smart Garages can have their packages dropped inside, just make sure to keep your chickens out!

While the story is humorous, it also highlights the importance of treating animals with kindness and respect. The driver’s patience and gentle handling of Fancy is a reminder that a little kindness goes a long way, even when dealing with a stubborn chicken.

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Amazon Delivery Driver’s Hilarious Tango With a Rogue Chicken