An adorable baby rhino was adopted by a rescuer and her pet cat

Jamie Traynor of The Rhino Orphanage adopts and takes care of orphaned rhinos until they are ready to be released back into the wild. But she got a bit more than she was expecting from one particular rhino.

It started normally with the rhino being brought to the orphanage blindfolded and ears plugged to keep her calm. However, that meant that she was very disoriented.

In an effort to comfort her, Jamie decided to stay with the rhino as much as she possibly could and what happened next really amazed her. Her cat, Mewie, started to care for Jamila too!

Mewie started to sleep in the same room as Jamila, and as their bond grew, he started to join Jamie and Jamila on their daily walks.

About their odd-couple dynamic, Jamie said, “I think Jamila really liked the company, they were very cute together. To see a cat and a rhino together, I nearly died.”

Jamie is fascinated by the way her rhinos develop personalities of their own. Just like house pets, they enjoy running around outside, wallowing in mud pools and getting belly scratches from their humans.

Jamila also likes to lay her head on Jamie’s lap when they sitting on the ground – a laborious process that requires Jamila to make intense calculations to make sure that her head falls directly into Jamie’s lap.

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An adorable baby rhino was adopted by a rescuer and her pet cat