Baby boar adopts Yellow Lab as loving “dad”

In the heart of Sri Lanka, a heartwarming tale unfolds. A tale of an unexpected bond, a connection that transcends species, and a love that reminds us of the boundless capacity of the heart.

Dora Ngai, a jeweler and vlogger, had her life take an unexpected turn when her gardener stumbled upon a tiny wild boar, seemingly abandoned and alone. The little creature, with eyes full of innocence, was just a few weeks old. The gardener, aware of Dora’s deep love for animals, hoped she might provide a refuge for this vulnerable soul.

In a place where wild boars are often seen as pests and with no wild animal rescue shelters in sight, Dora’s home was this baby’s only hope. “We couldn’t leave her by herself. We decided to call our vet friend and do the work ourselves,” Dora passionately shared.

And so, the baby boar, christened Yezhu, which means “wild boar” in Chinese, found a new home. But little did Dora know that Yezhu would find more than just shelter in her home; she would find a father.

Enter Biu Biu, Dora’s loving yellow lab. From the moment Yezhu entered their lives, Biu Biu was smitten. He became her protector, her guide, and most importantly, her dad. “Every hour she would wake up and start crying for food. Everyone in the house started taking turns to feed her, including our Biu Biu. He’s always waiting there to clean her up,” Dora recalled.

Their bond was evident. From sharing meals to teaching Yezhu how to swim and play, Biu Biu was there every step of the way. As Yezhu grew, their relationship evolved. From using each other as pillows during nap times to exploring the world together, their bond only deepened.

As time passed and Yezhu grew bigger, Dora felt the need to give her some space. A condo was built for Yezhu outside the house, allowing her the freedom she needed. Yet, the bond between her and Biu Biu remained unbroken. She continued to follow him and the other dogs, a testament to their unbreakable bond.

“I’m just so grateful that Biu Biu was with us throughout this entire journey helping raise Yezhu. They’re each other’s family and will always look out for each other. I don’t know what we would have done without him,” Dora expressed, her voice filled with gratitude.

Their story is a testament to the power of love and the magic that happens when we open our hearts to the unexpected. It reminds us that family isn’t always defined by blood, but by the bonds we forge and the love we share.

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Baby boar adopts Yellow Lab as loving \