Baby goats. In pajamas. (What are you waiting for?)

These goats are barely two days old and they’re already giving joy to people simply by strutting around in warm pajamas.

There is nothing more adorable than a tiny baby goat. Except, perhaps, a tiny baby goat in a cute fuzzy pajama! In the farm where they were born, six two-day-old baby goats, called ‘kids’ by farmers in the Sunflower Farm Creamery, were dressed in pj’s for the National Wear Your Pajama to Work Day.

The kids themselves were happy and felt joyous and curious at the extra attention. They strutted everywhere, jumped, and played, as can be seen in the video posted by the farmer. But their effect spread a lot further than the farm, exactly thanks to the heartwarming, adorable footage:

The sheer joy of the baby goats transfers to those who see them. A smile in a difficult time can be precious and the cuteness of the baby goats does exactly that.

What better way to chase away the blues and bring a bright spot during dark or difficult times than a happy video full of happy, fuzzy, baby goats in pajamas?

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Baby goats. In pajamas. (What are you waiting for?)