A Baby Horse Was Abandoned By His Mom, So Caregivers Put Teddy Bear In His Stable. Watch What Happens…

Animal rescues are among the most heartwarming stories you will come across. And they are not only limited to dogs, either. One time, I saw a video about this guy who was hanging out at his home when he heard a noise outside. He went out to check it out and initially, he didn’t see anything. Then, after a few seconds, he discovered there was a koala bear with many thorns stuck in all his body.

Koala bears are little furry critters that make very good plush toys. That doesn’t mean that they cannot be unpredictable and attack if they feel threatened. The man approached the animal and began talking to him in a soft voice. He then went inside his house where he took out a pair of pliers. He wanted to use them to take out the thorns.

The first ones did take him a little bit of time to take out, but once he got the hang of it, the rest were easy. The koala was surprisingly calm the whole time. The man said he wanted to help the poor koala because when he discovered him, the animal looked in pain and had an expression on his face as if he was begging him to help him out.

A few minutes later, he had finished. The animal then went away, and according to the man, he still gets a visit from the little guy he once helped every now and then. Another case that I saw was a hunter that was on his way home when he discovered a deer that had gotten his horns stuck in some barbwire. Many people would believe that in a situation like this, the hunter would just take out his rifle, kill the animal and take it home. But not this hunter. He felt that something like that would not be fair for the deer, so he risks getting kicked in the head and frees the animal from the fence.

I have seen many other animals get freed. From big cats stuck in places where they can’t get out, to gray wolves stuck in traps. People usually find a way of helping them and getting them to safety. The following case is one of them.

A baby horse was found by some rescuers. He had been abandoned by his mother and was in very bad shape. He was trying to suckle from other mares in the area without success. After he was found, he was taken to a local equine sanctuary where he was checked. Once there, they discovered he had an infection and was very malnourished. He was given antibiotics and plenty of food. The animal still looked sad as he clearly missed his mother. Then, one of the caregivers comes up with an idea that could either be brilliant or very bad. Watch what happens!

A Baby Horse Was Abandoned By His Mom, So Caregivers Put Teddy Bear In His Stable. Watch What Happens...