Baby monkey Bon Bon has fun playing with ducklings in the garden

In her small blue bed Bon Bon, the baby monkey, has fallen asleep. She is wearing a cute polka-dotted dress, and her toys are packed away for her.

Her head is then laid against a pillow, and she is covered with a soft, comfy blanket so she can sleep soundly. After her lovely nap, Bon Bon wakes up full of energy.

She happily drinks milk from a tiny bottle. Bon Bon is now ready to play, and she climbs down from her bed, inspecting all the toys scattered around her room.

Gentle hands pick up Bon Bon to take her outside. It is a bright and beautiful day. The grass is green, and waiting for Bon Bon are two of her tiny yellow duckling friends.

Bon Bon is lowered slowly, and the ducklings chirp excitedly when they see her. They start to play together, and Bon Bon gives them gentle kisses as they relax on the soft ground.

A small slice of watermelon is offered to the babies. It is red and juicy. Bon Bon eats first and takes the most giant bites that she can. The ducklings join in on the snack.

Bon Bon lays the watermelon on the ground and continues to feast on it while the ducklings play with her. Their friendship is so innocent and sweet.

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Baby monkey Bon Bon has fun playing with ducklings in the garden