Bird Asks A Farmer For Help. Then Is Stunned When He Realizes What She Wants

Animals never cease to amaze me. They have the craziest reactions to the most ordinary actions. I used to think that animals could somehow understand us. At least, I did when I was a kid. I have quite a few pets back then and was very confident I knew what they were thinking. Whenever I got a new pet, I would spend a lot of time trying to figure out his behavior.

I studied the animal’s diverse reactions to the most ordinary stimuli. I learned very fast that animals were very predictable because they reacted out of instinct. Most of the time, animals will be either eating or looking for food, as I later found out. I thought that was a little boring at the time because I believed they could do many more useful things with their time.

I found out that animals are in constant competition for food. This is the main reason that when an animal finally gets to eat, he or she will eat as much as possible on that single sitting. When you’re growing up in the wilderness, you never know when your next meal is going to be, or if it will be your last one.

This could not be truer with dogs. Dogs can eat huge quantities of food in very little time. One day, we had just come back from picking up some groceries, and I got a great idea (well, it seemed like a great idea at the time). We had just gotten a special of canned dog food and I decided to investigate how many cans of dog food my dog could eat in a single sitting.

I gave the dog the first can, I actually threw it to him, and he ate it in one bite. I then gave him another, and then another. We had bought 12 cans that day and the dog had eaten all of them in a matter of a few minutes. Of course, my parents were not amused by the idea, and that made me learn a couple of lessons that day.

This next video also has an amazing reaction by a little bird. It all takes place on a farm. The farmer is starting to prepare the soil, and it is seen removing it by what looks like a giant fork. This is going to be another typical day at the office – I meant the farm. Then, I little bird comes down flying into the scene and is apparently asking for the man’s help. What happens next will leave you stunned!

Bird Asks A Farmer For Help. Then Is Stunned When He Realizes What She Wants