This Giant Horse Is Mind-Blowingly Graceful

The video below features one of the most beautiful horses you will ever see in your life. This giant Belgian draft horse is named Buffalo van’t Zwaluwnest.


When Buffalo stands in the field, you can see why he is a famous stallion with the signature Belgian draft horse characteristics of being tall and broad. A horse this big might make you think he’s not graceful, but the moment he starts running, you forget everything else.

Buffalo’s majestic aura is entirely captivating. A typical adult Belgian draft horse can weigh in at more than 2,000 pounds, and they are counted amongst the largest horses in the world. But it is obvious that Buffalo’s size does not impede his ability to be as graceful as he can be.

Watch Buffalo as he displays grace and ease that is surprising for a horse this big. He is also fast. While he may not win the Kentucky Derby, it certainly is a beautiful thing to watch him run with such confidence and elegance.

We hope you enjoyed the video above. Our pets and animals bring constant joy to our lives and always bring a smile.

This Giant Horse Is Mind-Blowingly Graceful