He Brought A Kitten Home And He Never Expected His Dog To React Like THIS… Too Funny

We’ve all heard the phrase ‘fighting like cats and dogs.’ It really isn’t a very fair assumption at all. We all really love exaggerating don’t we? With all this stereotyping against them, it is great to see video where we get to see extra love between these animals. The video above shows a very smart dog who is so excited to get a chance to see his new friend. And as it turns out his new buddy is a kitten of all things!

This very funny clip shows you a conversation between the owner and his dog. They are discussing the idea of getting a new pet. The owner has taken extreme care while he dubbed the opinions of the dog in his own voice and it is downright hysterical. The poor lonely guy just wants someone to play with, so his owner came up with some options of pets they could adopt. The moment he hears the word ‘kitten’ the dog’s choice is really quite obvious!

But this dog owner in not at all done teasing his dog before showing him the kitten he brought home. He goes through a list of different animals that he saw at the shelter when he went out to make his choice. Clearly this dog had his mind and heart set on a new feline friend!

This video is so well done and we think that you are going to really enjoy it. Please be sure to share it with all your friends and also leave a comment below.

He Brought A Kitten Home And He Never Expected His Dog To React Like THIS... Too Funny