Bulldog Is No Longer Fearful, He Does This How, No Way…

We all have our irrational fears. I REALLY do not like the number 13, for example. My rational brain knows that this is a silly superstition, but I do everything I can to block it out. Let me give you an example. I could be running on a treadmill and when I see that I am about to hit 13 minutes, I cover the display and count to 70 in my head and uncover the display, which now reads 14 minutes. The video here shows a bulldog named Bentley dealing with a fear in a similar way.

What is he afraid of? It’s a double whammy for this pooch: ladders and wires. So, he’s presented with a situation where he has to walk past a ladder and cross a power cord. Wow. I don’t know if his daddy purposely set it up for this video, but there you have it. Sometimes you have to defeat these fears by just taking them on head-on. That’s what Bentley is going to do – sort of.

The bulldog takes a couple of steps, and then pivots around and starts walking backward out of the hallway towards the exit and his daddy. Hey, whatever works. He keeps walking like this until he’s outside and receiving praise. Then he turns around and looks up like, ‘Yeah! I did that! Awesome! Got a doggie treat?’ Well, I may have been inferring that very last part, but dogs are always hungry, so it makes sense, no?

We all have to come up with ways to get around what may bother us. For me, it’s covering up the number 13. It may seem silly, but it’s what helps me get through the day. Bentley’s literal about-face is what helps him cope with his fear. Nothing is impossible to get past ” even in the most dire of situations, there lurks a solution. You just have to see what works for you. Otherwise, life just isn’t as much fun.

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Bulldog Is No Longer Fearful, He Does This How, No Way...