Bunny finds true ‘love at first sight’ on heartwarming shelter visit

The desire for companionship is a universal feeling shared by humans and animals alike. The joy of sharing our lives with a partner or a friend significantly enhances our quality of life. While solitude has its own merits, crossing paths with others makes life all the more worthwhile. This need for companionship is not exclusive to humans; animals, too, crave the company of their own kind.

Samira and Ben Ubels understood this instinctive need well. The couple, both working as chefs, were proud parents to Bux, a giant bunny who loved everything from bananas to back scratches. Bux was their first pet, and they affectionately referred to him as their ‘first baby’. However, Samira soon noticed that Bux seemed lonely, especially during the long hours when both she and Ben were at work.

Determined to find a companion for Bux, Samira and Ben decided to take him to a shelter for some ‘speed dating’. This unorthodox approach allowed Bux to meet several bunnies and choose a mate he was most comfortable with. After meeting several bunnies, Bux finally met Ginny, and it was love at first sight for both of them. They clicked instantly, and Samira and Ben were thrilled to take Ginny home.

Now, Bux and Ginny are inseparable. They share food, play together, and snuggle close to each other. Despite their different personalities – Bux being outgoing and sociable, and Ginny being laid back and a bit naughty – they are the perfect match. Samira and Ben are delighted to see Bux so happy and content with Ginny by his side.

Their adorable love story reminds us of the importance of companionship in our lives. Whether human or animal, having a partner to share our lives with makes everything better. If you are considering adopting a pet, remember the phrase ‘adopt, don’t shop’. Shelters are filled with loving animals in need of a forever home.

Watch Bux and Ginny’s beautiful love story below and get updates from this adorable couple by following their Instagram account!

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Bunny finds true \'love at first sight\' on heartwarming shelter visit