Cat with a food obsession will do anything to steal bread

Chupie is a cat with an extreme obsession with bread and his mom, Michelle, does her best to keep him away from it. He is so cute it is hard for her to be mad at him.

When Michelle least expects it, that is when Chupie will strike and steal her bread. He loves to win and is quite strategic as a thief. Michelle tries to keep him in check so he is safe.

Chupie was already able to open doors as a kitten. In two seconds, he can rip open a bag of bread. Michelle realized he had a food obsession and would do anything, especially for bread.

She watches as Chupie treats the bread as the target of his hunt. He locks on and never gives up until he has eaten it. Even with his ferocity, Michelle knows Chupie will never injure her.

According to Michelle, Chupie is food-aggressive but not people-aggressive. He is sweet with her, but when it comes to bread, he turns primal.

At one point, Michelle held a competition to see which bread Chupie loved the most. In the end, the tortilla won over the other choices, and Michelle enjoyed watching Chupie have fun.

Recently Chupie was given bread toys as a distraction from real food. Michelle knows he is still a work in progress and will do everything to help him. She says he has stolen her heart just like all the bread in their home.

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Cat with a food obsession will do anything to steal bread