Parrot Hilariously Mimics The Cats And The Cats Don’t Know WHAT To Do About It

Parrot Hilariously Mimics The Cats And The Cats Don't Know WHAT To Do About It

Animals are known for doing whacky things; it’s because of these quirky habits that have us so infatuated with them. There are so many things that animals do that leave us scratching our heads, but believe us when we say that we are trying to figure them out.

There are so many of us that love animals so much that they have literally dedicated their entire lives to observing and studying different animal behaviors. We owe so much to these individuals because, without them, we wouldn’t know half as much as we do about animals, and it’s all because of them.

Well, one thing is crystal clear, that no matter how much we study them, there will always be a few questions that we will always have about animals, and we will never understand everything that they do.

Take, for instance, this featured video below. In this video, you will see a parrot with several cats. The cats are all around the parrot and are just fascinated with it. The bird, in turn, decides to have a bit of fun and starts to mess with the cats.

Instead of being scared and trying to hide from the furry creatures, the bird starts to mock and mimic them. The cats are more than a bit confused and just stare at this weird animal that is making the same sounds as them. This is just too funny. Watch this hilarious video below and have a giggle at the hilarious reactions from the cats when the parrot starts speaking their own language.

Parrot Hilariously Mimics The Cats And The Cats Don\'t Know WHAT To Do About It