Couple discovers and saves lonely foal close to death

When the path gets tough and murky, remember, it’s often when the heart shines brightest. Once, during my days as a veterinarian, I came across many stories that touched the depths of my soul. This tale is much like that.

I recall hearing about a dedicated couple who received word about a little foal left all by himself on a vast property. There’s an age-old saying, “When a child is in distress, the entire village comes to its aid.” And in this scenario, the village indeed answered the call. The community around, perhaps hearing the silent plea of the innocent foal, stepped up, assisting the couple in their search.

However, the sheer vastness of the property made the task akin to searching for a needle in a haystack. Time wasn’t on their side. Every ticking second reminded them of the fragile state of the foal. When they did find him, his state was heart-wrenching. Dehydration and weakness had taken a toll on the little one, and there was no mother in sight to offer comfort.

I remember, back in my veterinary days, how essential the first few hours are for a newborn animal. For this young horse, having been stranded for a good five hours, the situation was dire. But this couple, with their determination and love for animals, came prepared. A little corn syrup acted as a temporary solution. It was a gesture, although small, that might have been the bridge between life and death.

Nature can sometimes be perplexingly cruel. A mare, much like any wild animal, gauges the strength of her newborn. It’s a tough world out there, and if the young one doesn’t seem fit enough, abandonment becomes a possibility. And so, the foal’s mother, observing her baby’s initial struggle, might have deemed him a liability.

The couple’s journey with the foal didn’t end with just finding him. They understood the need for proper nourishment, leading them to a nearby store to fetch some milk and supplements. Kindness, they say, attracts kindness. The store cashier, witnessing their emergency, stepped in to help prepare the needed sustenance for the young horse.

Feeding him, however, wasn’t straightforward. The foal, unused to the process of suckling, showed hesitation. But the couple, with their patience, ensured he had just enough to sustain him. They made the wise decision to hand him over to Bella Run Equine, specialists in nurturing and rehabilitating horses.

The world might sometimes seem dark, with stories of sorrow and pain. But then, tales like these emerge, shedding light and hope. Such stories reaffirm the belief that every life is precious. So, dear reader, if you ever come across a creature in distress, lend a helping hand. And while you’re at it, why not share this touching story with your loved ones? Let’s spread a message of hope and compassion for all beings.

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Couple discovers and saves lonely foal close to death