Couple gives loving home to senior cow dismissed as ‘useless’

The sun kisses the horizon, painting the sky with hues of orange and pink, as a day begins at Uncle Neil’s Home, an animal sanctuary that serves as a haven for rescue animals, including farm animals. Among its residents is Helen, a blind 19-year-old cow who spent most of her life on a dairy farm, where she was used for her milk and to birth more calves. Over the years, she gave birth to 14 calves and stayed on the farm for 15 years until she stopped producing milk and was deemed “useless” or not profitable.

The original dairy farmer, who spent much time with Helen and formed a bond with her, couldn’t bear to let her go or give her away. In a selfless act, he sold his operations and instructed the new owner to keep Helen so he could continue to take care of her. However, four years after selling his operations, the new owners were unable to provide Helen with the attention and care she needed as a senior and blind cow.

Concerned for Helen’s well-being, the original farmer reached out to sanctuaries that could better care for her. That’s when Uncle Neil’s Home, founded by Rian Feldman and Scooter Belasco, came into the picture. They worked tirelessly to create a haven for Helen, customizing her enclosure to accommodate her lack of sight. A wind chime outside her shed helped her locate it when she needed to rest, and a solar-powered fountain on her water trough helped her find water when she was thirsty. A brush was installed by the frame of her shed, which Helen loved.

The journey wasn’t easy for Helen, Rian, or Scooter. Helen was scared and confused, and it took her 45 minutes to enter her shed on the first day. However, with patience, love, and the use of Helen’s senses, they helped her adapt to her new environment. Daily walks, gentle talking, brushing, hugging, massaging, and kissing helped Helen feel safe and loved.

Helen’s transformation at the sanctuary showed Rian and Scooter the power of love and care. She taught them that giving love and care to animals in need is returned in multiple folds. Although Helen is 19 years old, the sanctuary has given her a new lease on life, allowing her to live her golden years to the fullest, surrounded by love and care.

The story of Helen reminds us all of the power of love to transform lives. It is a call to action for us to show kindness and compassion to all living beings, regardless of their perceived usefulness. If you are inspired by Helen’s story, please consider supporting animal welfare organizations or adopting a rescue animal. Remember, love saves and transforms lives.

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Couple gives loving home to senior cow dismissed as \'useless\'