Curmudgeonly Man Meets Up With Older, Prickly Horse. Who Would Think They Would Be Friends?…

There’s a couple of lines from one of my favorite songs that seems to fit this video. It’s from Rush’s ‘Turn the Page’ : ‘Nothing can survive in a vacuum/No one can exist all alone.’ Whoops. That just sent me off on a Rush drumming binge. I’m back. Anyways. We like to think that we can go at it by ourselves and can live alone. Even the man that is in this video the one who appears under the dictionary under ‘curmudgeon’ will tell you that’s not possible. Just take a look at this bond like no other.

Meet Donnie McAdams. He’s a fellow who appears to be in his late-sixties, early 70’s, He’s a curmudgeon’s curmudgeon. Gruff. Doesn’t like to talk to people. Of course, this means he has a job in customer service. No, this is real life, I assure you, not a sit-com. He would be a great character for one, though. This is a prickly man who doesn’t like people. So who does he like? He’s best buddies with a prickly horse named Waco Hanover. Waco’s a former harness racer and he’s far, far outlived his life expectancy. Why? Donnie.

Donnie’s devotion is apparent frm the get-go. He wakes up early each morning and goes down to the barn ” he lives above it ” and feeds the horses. Waco Hanover is the one he zeroes in on, though, and the who spend a lot of time hanging out when Donnie’s not working. In fact, he says that this older horse, who is the equivalent of 120 in human years, is the main reason that he’s still alive.

Forget the ‘Odd Couple’ – call these two the ‘surly Couple’ . They like each other, though I’m sure there are times that even Waco is in a ‘Leave Me Alone’ mood sometimes. I would think that Donnie wouldn’t take offense at this, since he’s likely the same way. It’s funny how some friends meet up and form lasting friendships. Here’s hoping that Waco Hanover keeps on defying the biological odds for a long time.

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Curmudgeonly Man Meets Up With Older, Prickly Horse. Who Would Think They Would Be Friends?...