Funny Great Dane Hilariously Tries To Fit Himself In Tiny Dog Bed

Let us get down to brass tacks- Great Danes are huge. I mean, the last four consecutive years, Great Danes have measured in at the tallest dogs. The reigning champion was recorded at 44in. Wow. Massive in size, but what else makes a Great Dane so, well, great?

For one, their size or build betrays their actual nature. Great Dane’s are known to be very loving, very loyal, and very gentle. Though most dogs fit this bill, it just depends on the mom or dad to raise them correctly. This is not always a given in today’s instant gratification society. Patience, love, and time will always make the most successful families.

The dog in our video, while he looks like a Dalmatian – he seems to share the spotted coat – but the bone structure, stance, and demeanor of the dog suggest he is, in fact, a Harlequin Great Dane. These lovable oafs share all the qualities of a Great Dane with the coat of a Dalmatian.

This gentle hound had always slept in the same bed from when he was a young pup to now. Something seems different, though; this pooch just cannot figure out what has changed. He dedicates all of his resources to figuring out what has changed.

Confused, he takes a shot at fitting his massive frame in his bed. His dad just cannot get over it; he bursts out laughing, petting the poor hound for his misunderstood views. The gorgeous pooch finds himself right back where he started. This will not stop him, though; why not try one more time? This was such a doozy; I almost did not spot the difference if we are being honest. It is a completely understandable mistake.

Don’t miss this giant dog trying to fit into a puppy-sized bed in the video below. We bet you will be laughing as much as his dad was. The poor giant hound really seems very confused at what has happened to his bed.

Funny Great Dane Hilariously Tries To Fit Himself In Tiny Dog Bed