Discover the Huskies become Opera Singers When Groomed

Have you ever seen a husky turn into an opera diva when getting groomed? Seriously, you have to watch this video! It features Vanessa, the skilled groomer from Girl With The Dogs, and three huskies – Link, Luna, and Luna 2.0 – each with their own unique personalities.

Link, the first husky in the video, is not too keen on getting groomed. In fact, she protests at every step, making sure to let Vanessa know that she’s “dying.” But the real drama starts when Vanessa turns on the water, and Link’s operatic talents shine through. She sounds like a diva singing an aria, but in reality, she’s just expressing her displeasure at being cleaned.

Next is Luna, who lives up to her nickname “lunatic” with her vocal protests. Vanessa explains that huskies may have a natural aversion to water due to their history of living in freezing conditions up north. Still, she’s left wondering why they dislike the dryer and brushing.

However, it’s Luna 2.0 who steals the show with her adorable and playful personality. Vanessa jokes that Luna 2.0 may not even be a husky but a unicorn angel husky because of her unique and charming demeanor.

Throughout the video, Vanessa handles each husky with care and patience, ensuring they are comfortable and happy. In the end, despite their protests, each husky looks stunning and well-groomed.

After watching this video, you’ll always look at huskies differently. It’s incredible to see how expressive and vocal they can be and how much personality they have. So, go ahead and watch the video for yourself, and prepare to be amazed by these operatic huskies.

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Discover the Huskies become Opera Singers When Groomed