Even Though This Dog Can’t Walk She Can Still Welcome Her Soldier Dad Home

Even Though This Dog Can't Walk She Can Still Welcome Her Soldier Dad Home

We all love to watch the reunion videos when our soldiers come home. Sometimes we watch families reuniting, but many of us really enjoy watching the love shown by our furry friends the best. Hopefully, not everyone watching these videos is as soppy as I am – I can cry for hours, but still keep clicking to watch the next reunion in the list.

Whether you are a crier or not, this video will definitely be touching. This clip we have for you below has three gorgeous pooches that are over the moon for their soldier dad returning home. These three are so excited that their dad can barely make it in the house.

Once dad is completely inside, he is trying to give them all equal loving attention, but you can see that he is also trying to get cuddles from one pooch in particular. Eventually, dad is able to disentangle himself from the two bigger dogs, and he is able to lean down to pick up sweet, patient Emma.

Emma is disabled and cannot walk but doesn’t use a wheelchair because she doesn’t feel comfortable with it. She was a rescued animal, and her medications are supervised by SNAR – Special Needs Animal Rescue. These foster parents are very glad to have Emma in their lives, and Emma is equally happy.

Dad and Emma have some wonderful cuddle time, and you can tell they are both so excited to see each other. Emma is dearly loved, and clearly, she adores her family, too. What a wonderful reunion; don’t miss these three pooches give dad a great ‘welcome home.’

Even Though This Dog Can\'t Walk She Can Still Welcome Her Soldier Dad Home