Dog found with her ‘friend’ in her mouth shares her touching tale of resilience

Life is full of uncertainty. We really don’t know what will happen to us and how this could affect the people and pets that we love. A story that perfectly illustrates this uncertainty revolves around a German Shepard found wandering the streets of Detroit in the pouring rain, carrying a small stuffed toy in her mouth. The sight of the dog, heartbroken and lost, broke the hearts of everyone who saw her. The heartbreaking photo of the dog circulated online, and everyone started calling the dog Nicholas.

However, it was eventually discovered that the dog was a female, and her name was changed to Nikki. According to the post, Nikki’s owner had passed away, leaving her confused, heartbroken, and lost. The only comfort she had was the tiny stuffed toy she carried everywhere. For Nikki, the home and the person she loved the most were now gone, and she was left alone. Anyone who saw the photo cried and felt sorry for the beautiful dog. She needed help, and a new forever home.

Groups such as South Lyon Murphy Lost Animal Recovery, It Is Pawzable, Sugar Mutts Dog Grooming, Almost Home Animal Rescue, and other networks of nonprofits and animal rescuers gathered together to rescue and help Nikki. They were able to rescue her in time and give her the necessary checkups and blood work. It was later found out that Nikki suffered from heartworm, a condition that would require treatment lasting around four months. “It (heartworm) can be prevented by giving your dog a pill every single month. So, now she has to get injections which it’s kind of a pesticide right it has to kill the worms and the dog has to be super calm and can’t do anything for a while, just leash walks, and it’s painful,” explained Katrina Weaver from It Is Pawzable Dog Training to Fox2Detroit.

Even as she’s undergoing treatment, she’s with a foster parent. Soon, she will be ready to find her future forever home, and we couldn’t be more excited for her. As of now, she’s resting, gaining strength, getting better, and recovering from losing her beloved owner. “Nikki is in the most loving foster home as I write this,” said Gail Montgomery, the director of Almost Home Animal Rescue, in an email. “They already love her, and omg Nikki loves them.”

We know that through these kind-hearted people, Nikki will flourish once more. If you want to donate to help Nikki and other animals like her, you can do so by clicking here. Please SHARE this with your friends and family to spread awareness about the importance of animal rescue and the difference it can make in the lives of animals like Nikki.

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Dog found with her \'friend\' in her mouth shares her touching tale of resilience